Bangkok: "Amazing Thailand"

June 19, 2003



Dear Family and Friends,

I have a buddy in Miami who has a very short attention span. He doesn't like my long-winded travel letters. He says he "skims" them but actually I don't think he reads them at all. He doesn't even share them with his wife.

So to be responsive to one of my dear readers, (you know who you are), here goes:

Flights from Miami to Bangkok ... uneventful ... USA "stews" ... occasionally abrupt-rude ... Asians ... unfailingly kind.

Jan ... jet-lagged, exhausted, medicated, dizzy, smiling, talking too much, eating too much buffet breakfast, up too late.

Bangkok ... noisy, smelly, crowded, gridlocked, hot, humid, friendly, delicious, exciting, and marvelous. Tasty street food ... elegant Vietnamese restaurant ... hot nightclubs. Bustling Chinatown ... Little India. Unique temples and monuments.

Canal trip with Internet buddies Kai and Nam…tropical gardens, floating markets-restaurants. Golden Temple Mount with Kai.

People I have met ... Reverend G. from North Miami ... must go and sing with him some time. Mr. Thomas ... 79 year old Louisiana American from Okinawa. Lives there fifty years ... wife, children, grandchildren ... traveling all over Asia in import-export business.

Young man from Sri Lanka who persuaded me to visit his country and South India ... Mother and daughter from China needing my travel suggestions. Oh, of course, Dr. Jeff, my dinner barhopping buddy from North Miami.

This week I am on the road in Central Thailand…Sukhothai, Si Satachanalai, Phitsanulok. Ancient monuments, World Heritage Sites, textiles, pottery, night markets.

Well my ADD friend? You still awake?



P.S. I am having a great time. "Amazing Thailand" is ...well... amazing. The Thais are warm, smiling and giggling when they hear my pathetic attempts at their language. Kai and Nam have been wonderful hosts. It is so stimulating and encouraging to be among such human people.


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