Sofia, Bulgaria: "I Can't Read a Sign"

After two weeks in Romania I crossed the Danube into БЬЛГаРИЯ at РУСЕ.

I can’t read a sign.

The Bulgarians invented the Cyrillic alphabet, and like the Greeks, their neighbors to the south, they insist on maintaining their ancient culture.

I had lunch at the Happy Bar and Grill where all the attractive waitresses wore short, I mean short mini-skirts. So much for ancient culture.

The Balkans, Letter to Lily and Annie

Letter to Sofia

Miami, Florida
July 19, 2001

Dear Lily and Annie,

I got home about ten days ago and I think I am finally over my depression. I was so sad. Yesterday I put my pictures in an album and I almost started to cry. Today I went to the beach with some friends so now I am finally back among the living.

I had such a wonderful adventure in The Balkans.