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Southern Africa by Bob and Roz Alperstein

January 30, 2022

My friend and classmate Bob Alperstein and his wife Roz recently traveled to Cape Town and Kruger National Park in South Africa and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

From his home in Northern New Jersey, Bob wrote to me and sent photos and videos.

Hi Jan,

I’ve tried to capture some of the wild experiences, but I am not sure if I succeeded. (He did!)

It’s difficult to adequately capture the feelings as you climb into the open Land Rover at the crack of dawn.  The temps are in the 40’s F and you welcome the hot water bottle and blankets.  The Land Rover moves out with the wind shield down, gradually increasing speed.  The wind hits you full on.

Bob and Roz Visit Cuba - and Howie too!



April 2, 2023

Earlier this year my friends Rosalind and Robert Alperstein visited Cuba. They each wote about their trip.  They provided photos and a video of the highlights.

My friend Howie Sorkin also visited Cuba and sent me photos.   Howie made a special effort to visit the Jewish community.

I have also attched a link to an essay by John Kiriakou



Return to Bangkok



My friend Howie S. sent this letter and photographs to me and to all his friends after he paid a brief, but fulfilling visit to Bangkok





March 24, 2019

Dear Friends,

After I left Bangkok in July 1999, I vowed I would never return. 

Bangkok was one of the most frightening places I had ever visited, so much so, that my traveling companion Howard, who is visually challenged, held on to my arm so tightly that my circulation almost stopped. 

Everywhere we went people were intercepting us, pointing to the direction we were going and telling us not to go there: it was too dangerous. 

So why did I wind up going to Bangkok again? 

The Polsons In Southeast Asia



March 24, 2013

Dear Friends and Reluctant Travelers,

Earlier this year, my cousins Betty and Jim Polson visited Southeast Asia for the first time.

They flew from Portland, Oregon to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to visit friends and stay with the family in their home.  Then they came to Bangkok and made a side trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  They returned to Bangkok and flew to Chiang Mai in the north.

I arranged everything for Thailand and Cambodia through a travel agent I know very well.  All the local hotels, domestic flights and excursions were booked in advance.

 Frankly, I was a bit concerned.  Despite all the detailed arrangements, I was not sure if Jim and Betty could adapt to such a different environment.   As it turns out, my anxiety was completely misplaced.


Southeast Asia by Jeffrey Zupan



January 3, 2013




My American friends Isabel and Jeffrey Zupan just completed a six week tour of Southeast Asia: Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia.


They sent me some of their photographs.


Jeff's photos have captured the color, drama and beauty of this area of the world.


So, you don't have to take my word for it.  


The Zupans are sold! 


What are YOU waiting for? 


Come on over!






Marty Israel: One Man Show



June 25, 2019

My friend and classmate Martin (Marty) Israel applies his artistic sensibility and his computer skills to design alternative one-of-a kind images for the photographs I post on this website.

Most recently, Marty has created several "Themes and Variations."

Just as a musician composes a Theme and Variations, Marty begins with the original image and, step by step, develops the "melody" from the simple to the complex, from the recognizable to the fanciful.  The variations are colorful, challenging and surprising.