April Fool's Day, etc.

Retirement Announcement




April 1, 2019 

My Dear Friends: 

An important announcement: 

I have decided to retire from my career in International Travel.  

I have traveled to more than seventy sovereign countries on five continents.  Alas, I have never visited Madagascar or the Maldives or Micronesia. I plan to donate my Frequent Flier Miles to the Travelers Aid Society. 

Please do not be alarmed.  For a man of my age, I am in satisfactory health, thank Heavens. 

To replace my addiction to international travel, I will resurrect my love for Teaching and Education.

I am pleased to announce the formation of "Universidad Completada."

Responses to Retirement Announcement ....... April 1, 2019


Mazel Tov!!!! You should have done this years ago.


CONGRATULATIONS.  This is big news.  I also am retiring but since I will sorely miss teaching, I will keep my hand in by teaching an annual seminar or so.


It sounds like you are making many very life changing decisions at this time and I am happy and excited for you and wish you much success with your new endeavors.


Congratulations.  Wishing you all you wish for.

Special Advisor




April 1, 2018

Hot, Humid and Hazy

Chance of Rain 

My Dear Family and Friends, 

You can’t make this stuff up….

Except I already did …. 

In 2007, I wrote an “essay” called “An Arrogant Proposal” published on my website.

Here’s “An Arrogant Proposal” reprinted:



May 15, 2007

Dear Business Editor:

As an owner of equities of several international airlines companies, I read with glee your recent reports describing the airlines' new policy for raising revenue.

Isn't it obvious that the fuel surcharge be raised? And ticket prices too. Business is business. To hell with those "supposed" low cost carriers. Eventually most of them drop out anyway.

I agree, if a passenger wants to eat, then let him pay for his food. The ticket is for a seat, and only a seat.

Get a Grip!




April 1, 2017

Sunny and Hot 


I am disappointed … in myself.

For weeks, I have tried in vain to find a theme for my annual April 1 “gotcha” letter.   Not that there haven’t been suitable subjects.  

One recent event comes to mind. 

“President Trump declined the invitation to throw out the first ball at the start of the baseball season.  So, to substitute for the president, I thought I would nominate friends who are die-hard baseball fans.  But a few of them are already gone too soon and others have just gone fishing.”  

I considered the list of Presidential Succession: Pence, Ryan, Hatch, Tillerson.  “Now close your eyes and try to imagine one of those guys on the mound.”  

The conclusion of my unwritten baseball letter could have been, “Mr. Trump, this is a tradition for all presidents.  Please, get a grip!”   Then I understood why he said no.  He probably couldn’t get a grip, if you follow my meaning.

Blind Trust - Feel the Burn


United Arab Emirates

April 1, 2016


I need your help. 

I have been asked to conduct a search for an Executive Director of a large and diversified Trust Fund.  The position requires senior-level expertise in operations and financial management in the Real Estate and Hospitality Industries.

As a life-long registered Democrat, you can imagine my surprise when I received a personal letter from Donald Trump.  This was no ordinary mailer asking for a contribution.   This was a personal letter, on his personal letterhead.

Mr. Trump is optimistic and looking ahead to winning the Republican Party nomination for President.  As the nominee, he wants to be a visionary when it comes to foreign affairs, especially in the area of military preparedness.  Consequently, he is researching the sites of closed or abandoned military bases in order to expand our global reach and readiness. 

In his search, Mr. Trump came upon my website and my travel letter and photographs from my recent visit to the abandoned World War Two United States Air Force base in Greenland.  Apparently, Mr. Trump’s military advisors informed him that this remote spot in the North Atlantic has significant strategic importance. **

Just by chance, on my website, Mr. Trump also clicked on the link to “Jan’s CV.”  He found that I had a long career in the Hospitality Industry.  So he was interested.

Neurostimulation and the Fountain of Youth



April 1, 2015 

Sunny and Hot

Dear Friends, 

What’s the problem? 

Does everyone I know in my age category seek their own personal Fountain of Youth?  Has “growing old gracefully” gone completely out of fashion? 

One of my friends here swears by Yoga to keep fit and mentally alert.  Another friend attends weekly Buddhist meditation sessions. 

One friend in China urges me to drink organic green tea.  Another recommends Vitamin D supplements.  One friend touts Ginkgo biloba.

One of my friends goes on an annual pilgrimage to Alaska to fish for salmon.  Another friend in New York goes hunting for sharks!  And does everyone and his cousin play tennis? 

One friend in Florida pitches on an All Star softball team.  And another volunteers all night for Neighborhood Watch.  Another flies his own airplane.

Some of my friends slog to remote locations just to catch a glimpse of a rare bird.  Another schlepped to South Asia and made the trek to the Base Camp of Mount Everest!

(I'm talking about Senior Citizens here.)