Skógáfoss, Iceland


South Coast


September 13, 2015

Dear Friends,

Iceland is blessed with a plethora of dramatic waterfalls.

Skógáfoss is 15m wide and 60m high, and is certainly on any Top Ten list (49 ft and197ft). 

On my second visit to Skógáfoss, the weather was sunny and even a bit warm for Iceland so I decided to make the climb of 450 steps to the Skógá River above the falls.

Dehang: "Jiangxi Scenic Area"


Hunan Province


 June 30, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank heavens!  I remembered to bring along my Leki Super Micro easy-lock, collapsible walking stick.

The hilly path along the Yuquan riverbank is narrow, rocky, muddy, slippery and flooded in places.  Treacherous.  I should have rented a pair of straw shoes!    

Feeling my way along the track, with one hand holding the stick and the other my camera, there is no way I can also use my umbrella as I approach the Liusha waterfall.

Grand Anse Tours

Grand Anse


Windward Islands

West Indies

January 15, 2018



On this perennially warm, hilly, flora drenched island, dotted with lakes and surrounded by lovely beaches, where relaxation is the national pastime, can anyone please explain why everyone drives so fast?  

Furiously fast?  Surprising and frightening.

Nan Shan: Welcome to Xinjiang

Ürümqi (pop 3.5 million) - Uyghur name

Wūlǔmùqí – Chinese name

Xinjiang – Uyghur Autonomous Region

Peoples Republic of China

June 24, 2017

Hello and Welcome to Nan Shan – The Southern Mountains,

In the parking lot of this popular tourist area seventy-five kilometers (46 miles) south of the city, young Kazakh women offer to take us to their summer yurts for tea or lunch.  Horseback rides are available as well as hikes through the grassland meadows up the mountainsides.

(Between May and October Kazakh families move their yurts into this area to graze their herds. Kazakhs are an important minority group in this area of China.  The border of Kazakhstan is just beyond the mountains.) 

USA: South, West, North, East, South

The City of Aventura

The City of Excellence

Miami-Dade County

Home of the Marlins, the Dolphins, the Heat

State of Florida

The Sunshine State

United States of America

July 6, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

On occasion I hear the refrain, “Jan, I can’t keep up with you!”

On occasion I say to myself, “Jan, I can’t keep up with you, either!”

I just completed a two week trip around the country…from Miami, Florida to Houston, Texas to Portland, Oregon to Boston, Massachusetts to New York, New York.

Svoboda and Schaffhausen



May 11, 2013

My Dear Family and Friends, 

I am in Zurich, Switzerland where, for the first time, I have met my cousin Michal Svoboda and his family.  

Now I am one step closer to achieving a personal family goal.  I want to meet all my Poláček - Polatschek cousins.  There are more than one hundred of us and we live in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.