The Rushan Valley

Rushan Town

Rushan Valley

Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region


August 21, 2019

Hello from the Pamir Mountains,

Who cannot feel grateful for the opportunity to visit the “inaccessible” mountains and the white capped rivers of Tajikistan?

But it’s the kids who are enchanting.

The young boys rush to my side and jostle for a good position in front of my camera.

The girls are shy at first, but soon present themselves with charm and poise.

Even a group of mature women agree to a group shot. 

A bunch of malingering men encourage me to join them.  They know almost no English.  I have not one word in the local Pamiri language.  Somehow we manage to communicate.

In an instant, the lady from the nearby ice cream shop thrusts a vanilla cone into my hand.

Who cannot feel grateful for the warm and generous hospitality of the region?




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