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January 17, 2018


One of the best features of Grenada is that people love to chat and joke, even if the chatter is self-deprecating.  Quite different from my experience in Asia where amusing insult, irony and sarcasm are unknown.  Here I can have a good laugh with everyone I meet.

(The local brew and funny cigarettes surely contribute to the easy chatter.)

Another feature of conversation, especially among Grenadians themselves, is that in a group of two or three or four or more, everyone speaks at the same time. 

It’s hilarious.

Yet everyone seems to understand everyone else.  Except for me.  I know they are speaking English, but with a local accent and the local patois, most of what I hear is indecipherable.

Check out the video of my stop at an outdoor bar.    

Like I said, it’s hilarious, and all in good fun.

On a serious note, I stop to chat with an elderly woman who I decide to call “The Church Lady.”  She is eager to discuss her religious beliefs, so I prompt her with a few pointed questions.  She delivers articulate and thorough answers, yet I hardly understand a word.  Watch the video.

Finally, I highly recommend the Bougainvillea Apartments.  My apartment includes a large bedroom, a living-dining room and a fully equipped kitchen.  The supermarket is just a short walk down the hill.

Best of all, bougainvillea shrubs adorn the grounds.  A large variety of other flowering plants and trees add to the tropical atmosphere.

Grenada turns out to be quite a colorful little island.

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