Isfahan (pop1.9 million)

Isfahan Province


May 7, 2022


“Are you a married couple?” I asked the attractive young man and woman as they took photos of themselves on the lawn outside the Golestan Palace in Teheran.

They smiled and responded. “No.”

“Are you engaged to be married?”  I asked again since they seemed so delighted to be with each other.  ”No.”

“We are brother and sister.”

Brother and Sister!

I was shocked.

When have I ever seen grown siblings who are so energetic, so enthusiastic, so joyful, so loving to each other?

I have observed such behavior every day in Iran.  Small families.  Large families.  Extended families.  Families and friends.  Friends with friends.  Everyone seems so respectful, so comfortable, and so engaged with each other.

Families travel together. They visit important sites together. They picnic together. They stroll together.  They sing together!

And as a stranger who they surmise is soon traveling on, I am welcomed into their midst, even if it’s just for a moment.

Please join me in Isfahan as I see the sights and meet the joyful folks of Isfahan - the third largest city in Iran.



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