Ardal: Waterfalls and Lakes


Ardal County

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province


May 8, 2022


In the hills above this small town, the restful grounds and gardens of the guesthouse are just a bit colorful, but they are inspiring.  Sergio proclaims, “Let’s stay a week!”

Our delightful young hostess and her mother serve a delicious breakfast made completely from home grown produce.

After breakfast we all travel into the mountains and hike along the rim of a gorge to a noisy waterfall.

Roberta, Sergio and I also make stops at nearby “waterparks.”   

We even visit the Governor’s Mansion.

A welcome break between the big cities.


PS Did I mention than the guest house has no beds?  Two mattresses on the floor.  I slept like a log.

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