Bangkok to Beijing: "Royal Tailors"

Royal Tailors
Bangkok, Thailand

January 3, 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

From Boca Raton , in sunny South Florida , my generous friend and once-upon-a-time mother-in-law, Helga D. sent me this New Year’s message:

"Jan, while you are freezing your ass off in China I will do the same in Antarctica. I am leaving in the middle of January for a cruise on the Explorer II."

Thank you, Helga.

Is it cold in China at the moment?

Por supuesto! I anticipated that my sensitive, sub-tropical-acclimatized system would need some serious non-cotton protection from the sub-Arctic Siberian winter blasts. And good luck trying to find ready-to-wear woolen clothing in Southeast Asia . So, reluctantly, I trudged on over to Royal Tailors.

I say “reluctantly” because hibernating in my storage facility in Miami are the remnants of my sub-Arctic Boston wardrobe: woolen slacks and suits, woolen overcoat and parka, gloves, scarves, and socks. Lots of heavy-duty black woolen Gold Toe socks. And most sadly of all, packed in an ordinary brown carton, lies my Russian-style, honest-to-Buddha black Persian lamb, Dr. Zhivago Ushanka, with ear-flaps! All of those comforting articles are on the other side of the world and no help to me here.

So, reluctantly, I went to see my friend and neighbor, Narin Sachdev, Managing Director of Royal Tailors.

Narin asked me to give his shop a plug:

Royal Tailors 2-2/1 Sukhumvit Road Corner Soi Nananua-3 Bangkok, 10110 Thailand Mail orders accepted. Suits made ready in 24 hours

Narin fitted me with two pair of heavy woolen pants. And clever Narin, a Thai-born Indian, persuaded me to buy a ready-made full-length woolen overcoat. You ever tried to resist the importuning of an Indian salesman?

Next I hiked over to a local outdoor shop and left with a pair of high top boots.

By some miracle of forethought I did bring a pair of woolen gloves and an attractive silk scarf from Miami . For a hat I’ll have to wait for Beijing , or maybe Harbin .

As an inexpensive alternative, my friend LiLi in Beijing recommended Sri Lanka Airlines. So on Friday, 4 January I fly from Bangkok to Beijing , and on 9 January I fly to Harbin , the original motivation for my winter excursion to the frigid north: the Annual Harbin Ice Sculpture Festival.

I have been a fan of ice sculpture ever since my days at The Sheraton Hotel Corporation. At one international hotel conference in Boston, the chef-sculptors from the Latin America Division engaged a fork-lift truck to assemble the huge blocks of ice depicting the 40 meter iconic Christ the Redeemer statue that towers, arms spread apart, above Rio de Janeiro. I expect to see equally impressive snow and ice art in Harbin .

From Harbin , which by the way, lies north of the North Korea border and north of Vladivostok , I fly south to Xi'an to visit the terracotta warrios. Then I will work my way back to Beijing through Shanxi and Hebei provinces.

Reluctance was also what I was feeling as I began planning for this trip. Traveling alone in China seems challenging to say the least. But thanks to Royal Tailors and my detailed guide books and maps, I am more comfortable and confident now. It also helps to have friends in Beijing .

And even if I do freeze my ass off in China , I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year. Well, a cruise to visit the natural ice sculpture in the Antarctic is also an excellent choice.

Bon voyage Helga, and please keep warm and dry. And please don't feed the penguins.



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