Athens: The Fun Ride



April 26, 2015


My friend Ralph Velasco is a professional photographer and tour guide.  He recently published a book called Essence of a Place.

The subtitle of the book is A Travel Photographer's Guide to Using a Shot List for Capturing Any Destination.

Ralph suggests more than a dozen categories including “Customs and Traditions.”

May I add a sub-category?  “Recreation.”

It seems to me that the way a society or group spends their leisure time is an essential aspect of modern life.

So, I decided to post my many unedited photos of today’s Athens “Fun Ride.”

Here we find hundreds of girls and boys and women and men sharing a Sunday morning activity.  Parents with their children are also sharing the moment.

Do we have here a clue as to the bonds of family and friends that define the “essence” of the Greek community and the character of Greek society?

Have a great ride,