Kuala Lumpur: "Thaipusam Festival"


Kuala Lumpur

25 April 2010

At the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, I bought a small pamphlet for a souvenir.  The title of the little book is Mystical Thaipusam: A Pictorial Book to Batu Caves and Thaipusam Festival.*

Some of the color photos in the book are of the caves and the shrines.  But the writing and most of the photos are of the Thaipusam Festival.  Here are some of the key phrases:

Penang: "Temples; Little India And Chinatown Markets"


October 25, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

For the long holiday weekend, my friend Surapee (Noy) and I agreed that it would be a good idea to fly to Georgetown on the island of Penang, on the west coast of Malaysia. Penang (110 sq. mi. 285 sq. km).  lies across a narrow channel to the mainland and faces the Strait of Malacca and the Andaman Sea.

Once there, Noy and I also agreed that the best sightseeing strategy is to stroll around the Colonial District with no particular destination in mind.

Seremban: Calories!



January 13, 2013

Dear Friends, 

“Food, sinful food!”    All day! 

At noon, the most outrageous, multi-mille-layer, mega-calorie, sweet but not too sweet, fluffy yet firm, almost too colorful to eat, exquisite layer cake. An excellent cup of hot coffee. * 

For dinner, an authentic Chinese meal at a local restaurant: steamed fish covered with sauce, spicy but not too spicy.  Chucks of chicken, Thai style.  Soup, veggies, rice.