Seremban: Calories!



January 13, 2013

Dear Friends, 

“Food, sinful food!”    All day! 

At noon, the most outrageous, multi-mille-layer, mega-calorie, sweet but not too sweet, fluffy yet firm, almost too colorful to eat, exquisite layer cake. An excellent cup of hot coffee. * 

For dinner, an authentic Chinese meal at a local restaurant: steamed fish covered with sauce, spicy but not too spicy.  Chucks of chicken, Thai style.  Soup, veggies, rice. 

For dessert, an enormous ice-cream sundae.  Vanilla, strawberry, banana, sitting in a crisp waffle.  Chocolate sauce and whipped cream. ** 

The next morning, a circuit around the S2 Park.  The early morning exercise routine for everyone, but me.   I was busy taking pictures!***

So what’s the story here? 

Four years ago I met Christine in Vientiane, Laos.  Christine is from Malaysia but at that time she was the owner of a gem shop in Vientiane.  She is also an artist.  I purchased two of her flowers-on-silk paintings. We kept in touch. 

Since I was in Malacca for the wedding, Christine volunteered to pick me up, drive me to Seremban, and the next day, take me to the airport. 

In Malacca, Christine and I and her younger daughter, Yi Xin happily indulged our cravings for the layer cake.  Yi Xin is studying to be a pharmacist so, at the moment, she is not yet licensed to dispense Lipitor. 

In the evening I met Christine’s husband, Kian Wah, the Principal of a primary school.  Their son was away with friends in the Genting Highlands.  Their elder daughter is always training.  She is a world class swimmer and a three-time Olympian.  

Very early the next morning Christine and I watched everyone at their exercise routines at the local park in Seremban.  

After all the calories I consumed in peninsular Malaysia, I can use some exercise and “training” myself.  But, for now, I am off to Sarawak, one of the two Malaysia provinces in the north on the island of Borneo.  (Sabah is the second province.)   I’ll be checking out the wildlife, and the Malay-Chinese-Muslim-Indigenous cuisine. 

On the move,


No harm in looking at the pictures of the food.  But maybe the photos of the park will motivate us to get out of bed an hour earlier? 

*Nadeje Patisserie Cafe: Mille Crepe @ Plaza Mahkota

**PappaRich in Seremban

***Seremban2 City Park

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