Nang Rong: "Taeng Ngan"

Phanna Duriyavijitr

Nang Rong



December 3, 2007

Dear Phanna,

(cc: Family and Friends)

Thank you for inviting me to the Taeng Ngan, the wedding, of your former student Wiphawadee (Ut). Ut married Blake, a young man from Karratha, Western Australia.

As I understand it, here is "the story":

Two years ago, Noy, a Thai lady living in Karratha met Kevin B, a native Aussie. Kevin was divorced with two grown children. Noy mentioned that she had a friend, Moon, in Nang Rong. Moon, Phanna's cousin, had never been married. Happily last year, we attended the wedding of Moon and Kevin in Ban Klot, Moon's home town, a small town near Buriram. *

Back in Karratha, Moon and Kevin have a neighbor, Blake, who is divorced with two small children. Blake mentioned that he would like to meet and marry a Thai lady.

Recently, when Moon was visiting in Nang Rong, she met Ut and told her about Blake. Ut and Blake corresponded. Blake came to Nan Rong on Saturday and met Ut. They married on Monday.

The wedding in Nang Rong on Monday morning was a beautiful event. Blake, dressed in a gold silk shirt and pants led the wedding procession. The guests followed him with platters of traditional food, rice, fruit, and flowers. Ut, also dressed in gold, met Blake at the entrance to her home.

The wedding ceremony took place in Ut's home. Ut's parents, family and friends were at her side. Many guests participated as they tied white strings around the wrists of the bride and the groom. Rice was tossed and scattered about.

The festive wedding celebration included many platters of Thai food including fresh vegetables, spring rolls, spicy soup, sautéed fish and fresh fruit. Many of the guests sang on stage with the karaoke machine and the DJ. Despite the early morning hour, we all got loose with a beer or whiskey or two. Well, not all. Most Thai ladies are conservative and drink only Pepsi or soda water.

I want to pass along a special thank you from my young friend Daniel Benowitz who is visiting from Boston. This was the first wedding, Thai or otherwise, he has ever attended. He was shy, yet happy as many Thai ladies proclaimed, "Dan law" which of course means Dan is very handsome. I am certain that a few of those ladies would be delighted to have Dan as a son-in-law, including the one who pressed a paper into his hand with her daughter's name and telephone number. As for me, I do smile at the younger ladies, and, politely, they do smile back, at Papa Jan.

The youngest girl I met in Nang Rong is your eight month old granddaughter Kittika (Organ). She smiles and giggles with you when you chat with her. I have never seen you happier. Your son Keow is a proud Papa and your daughter-in-law Tee is a delightful Mama.

Kob khun krab. Thank you again Phanna for inviting me to the wedding. This was the third wedding I have attended with you in Buriram Province. Thank you for making me feel I am a member of the family.

Sawaddee krab,

Khun Jan


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