Zhangye: Grand Buddha and Flaming Cliffs


Gansu Province


September 14, 2016


Two old sites are prominent in Zhangye.   One site is measured in hundreds of years. The other is measured in tens of thousands

The Dafo Temple, or Great Buddha Temple, is an ancient Buddhist temple in Zhangye, Gansu, China, notable for its gigantic reclining Buddha statue of around 1100, which is thirty-five meters long (115 ft).

After a restoration project in 2005–06, the Temple now attracts thousands of visitors. It has had several names over the centuries, including the Kasyapa Buddha Temple, the Bojue Temple, the Hongren Temple, and the Reclining Buddha Temple. The present name of "Dafo" means "Great Buddha."

The Flaming Cliffs of red sandstone have been eroded by wind and rain for 700,000 years. 

What is more inspiring?  The Reclining Buddha who has achieved Nirvana, or the Flaming Cliffs that have been sculpted by Mother Nature?

By the way, the Flaming Cliffs here in Gansu should not be confused with the cliffs in Xinjiang or the cliffs in Mongolia or wherever else they may be found.

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