Yupukari Primary School

Caiman House Lodge and Field Station

Yupukari Village

450 km -280 mi from Georgetown

Central Rupununi

Section 9


January 31, 2018

My friend Jack tells me that whenever he travels to a foreign country he tries to spend time at a school. 

As I follow Jack’s suggestion, on my very last stop in the “interior” of Guyana, here at the Caiman House Lodge, I didn’t have to walk very far.

The Caiman House Lodge is in the middle of Yupukari, an Amerindian village with a population of about 500 people of the indigenous Macushi tribe.  The village supports three school buildings, outdoor meeting pavilions and a well-stocked, Internet-connected library.

Of course, the children are the most captivating features of this school district. I met many of them during their lunch break and they were happy to chat and pose for photos.

The girls and boys are curious, friendly, responsive, healthy, energetic, happy, and just simply adorable.

With their charm and their smile…they stole my heart.

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