Ystad: Ales Sterner



August 1, 2015


In the south of Sweden, on the bus from Ysad, I met a young man who told me to get off at Kåseberga, three more stops.  From there I would be able to walk to Ales Stener.

The young man said he was also going to see Ales Stener so I was puzzled when he got off the bus well before the stop he suggested to me.   When I asked him why, he said, “I am flying there.” 

Flying there?  It’s only a few kilometers!

When I arrived at Ales Stener or Ale’s Stones, I understood what he meant.

High on a hill above the Baltic Sea, Ale’s Stones is remarkable and refreshing.  The spacious grounds are dotted with visitors, young and old.   The blue sky is dotted with “pilots.”

What is Ale’s Stones?   This article describes it best.

And oh, by the way, on the bus I also met the most delightful trio of Vietnamese women who live and work and raise their families in Sweden.  We spent the afternoon together, chatting and posing and playing at this “most enigmatic sight.”

As my guidebook says, it's "Worth a Trip."


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