Turpan: Flaming Mountains


Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

September 29, 2016


A drive through the Flamimng Mountains.  

Lunch in a remote mountain town.

A final scurry across the desert.  

What better way to end a five week journey in China?

The little Tuyugou Valley is relatively unknown and is little visited by regular tourists. In Uighur language, it is called Tuyoq. It is close to Turpan and is only about 70 kilometers away by road. It is 15 kilometers directly east of Gaochang.

Few tour groups go there though some of the the sights, the history, and the people are interesting. However, it is a Muslim religious pilgrimage site.

It is a more primitive Uighur agricultural valley, with vineyards and fields in the northern and southern valleys and a narrow ravine that connects them. The ravine has a stream and some good natural scenery and hiking.

The canyon and area around it were once inhibited by Gushi Caucasian people who left large graveyards with thousands of graves.

I stopped for photos at the ravine. The caves lie in the hills across the stream.  The fertile valley lies downstream.

Lunch in Tuyugou Jingou - an agricultural village nestled between the Flaming Mountains and the Xinjiang Desert.

Return to Turpan for the train to Urumqi and my flight home.







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