Tham Dao Khao Kaeo Cave Temple

Tham Dao Khao Kaeo

Tambon Phaya Klang

Muak Lek District

Saraburi Province


November 15, 2021

The Tham Dao Khao Kaeo Cave Temple is 75 kilometers from Saraburi town or 122 kilometers from Nakhon Ratchasima city.

This cave is located up 100 meters of stairs from the foot of a hill, Khao Kaeo.

When rays of sun fall upon the cave, the walls sparkle red, black, and brown, like stars, or Dao, giving it part of its moniker.  

Naturally occurring stalactites and stalagmites adorn the cave.  Fossils of sea creatures are embedded in ancient rock formations.

A Buddha “Light Show” fills an inner cave.

Up the mountain to the cave entrance is an easy climb of 150 steps.

A surprising sparkling cave.

A satisfying visit.

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