Saint Vincent, Mayreau: Saltwhistle Bay

Saltwhistle Bay


St. Vincent and the Grenadines

January 5, 2018


A Kite.  That’s how I describe St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  An archipelago that looks like a Kite.

At the head of the Kite is the main island of St. Vincent.  The smaller islands form the Tail.

We "fly down" the "tail" to Mayreau.

Mayreau is the smallest inhabited island of the kite-like archipelago.   Only 1.5 square miles and a population of 271.

And yet, Saltwhistle Bay is a delightful anchorage with a bar and restaurant and a good WiFi connection.

The restaurant serves Fish and Chips:  fresh, fried fish, hand cut fries, and hand cut coleslaw with a tangy vinegar dressing.

Only a few other sailors here.  Only boats can arrive. 

Talk about two days of utter peace and quiet….


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