Rock Sculpture

Tenasserim Hills

Kanchanaburi Province

Thailand - Myanmar Border

April 7, 2019

Older than the Himalayas, the Tenasserim Hills are a mountain chain that begins in Northern Thailand.  They provide a long line of demarcation between Thailand and Myanmar.  They form a spine on the Malay Peninsula, and end in the south near Singapore. 

The hills are covered with evergreen jungle forests.  A large variety of jungle creatures call the hills home.

Apparently, the hills also contain coal, tin and tungsten.  And logs.

On the north-south road running parallel to the Tenasserim Hills, Jenjira and I stop at the “rock shops” that feature huge creative carvings and “modern” sculptures.

“What are the sculptures made of and where do they come from?”

The Tenasserim Hills are granite, although limestone is also found in the area.

Are the “rocks” on display the detritus of the valuable local resource reclamation?  I really don’t know.

What I do see are hundreds of multi-colored “modern” figures, a worthy photo op, a surprising “tourist attraction” and an opportunity for a bit of my own modest creativity?

So, does your rock garden crave a centerpiece?  

Does your home cry out for a conversation starter? 

Does the lobby in your office building require renovation?

The proprietors-sculptors in Kanchanaburi will be happy to make a sale.

Prices are negotiable.

Lifting, hauling, shipping, unloading, installing and insurance are not included.




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