On the Road: Apollonia



May 16, 2015

My Driver and Me

So here’s what happens:

Sometimes I ask my driver to stop at what I consider to be a particularly lovely spot.  For example, we find a quiet agricultural scene in the mountains and a lakeside retreat.

Occasionally my driver will insist on taking me to an important site.  The ancient city of Apollonia is his choice today.  The Greek columns are grand, of course, but I continue to be enthralled by the sculptures.  How is it possible to convert a hunk of solid marble into a costume of diaphanous gauze?

On my own I spot three of the bunkers built during the despotic and paranoid reign of Enver Hoxha.

At least once during the day the driver and I agree on a pause in the trip.  We stop for lunch at a popular riverside restaurant.  For a traditional meal, my driver recommends sheep head soup and a clear liquid beverage that has me breathing fire!

Enjoy the ride.  Enjoy the scenery.  Enjoy the sculptures.

Hearty appetite,


PS  Yuck!