Paratethys Sea



West Kazakhstan

October 20, 2018


I am standing on the rim that overlooks the ancient seabed and salt basin of the Paratethys Sea.

Even this rim on the edge of the plateau was likely covered by antediluvian waters.

Thirty-five million years ago Paratethys extended as far west as the modern Atlantic Ocean.  The seas covered the land masses east through the areas of the Mediterranean and the Black Seas, across the Caspian Sea and west to the Aral Sea.   Eventually Paratethys flowed into the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

The “mountain” scenery is “oceanic” and striated with millions of years of colorful deposits.

The convoluted geologic formations are sensational, splendid, stunning – take your pick.

Paratethys - for me, a new word, a new location, a new concept. 

Para = near or next to.

Tethys of Greek Mythology

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