Paramaribo Highlights



February 3, 2018

In Paramaribo I visited the downtown area.  Known for the Dutch colonial structures, the inner city of Paramaribo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  Some of the structures reminded me not of Amsterdam but of New Orleans. 

I also visited the Zeeland Fort and Museum.

The Chinese community here supports several Asia style markets that certainly draw my attention: green vegetables, Chinese buns, roast duck, even sushi. And "Kaaiman Saté."

When I posted a photo of the capture of a huge Black Caiman (Alligator) in Guyana, a friend asked, "Did you release it or cook it?" 

In Guyana, the researchers released the Black Caiman.  But here in Suriname, the Asian market has "Kaaiman Saté" on sale.  I couldn't resist.

I stayed at the Eco Resort Inn Paramaribo and used that as a base for my travels.

Read all about the capital city of Suriname:


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