New York City Icon

Jomtien Beach 


March 7, 2024


My friend Gary here in Thailand presented me with a generous gift this month.

In his professional life, Gary was a Shipwright.

Now in retirement Gary builds model ships.

Gary knows that I grew up in New York City.

His gift to me is a model of a Moran tugboat, the everpresent M steaming on the waters in and around my hometown.  A New York City Icon.

I remember the small yet powerful Moran tugboats on the Hudson River as they gently manouvered the enormous transatlantic oceanliners and nudged them into to their assigned piers on the Westside of Manhattan.

The Moran tugboat model is 13" by 4.5" and 7" from the keel to the top of the mast.

The colors are authentic.   The details are exquisite.

I am so pleased with my gift and delighted to post the photographs.

Thank you Gary,