Monemvasia and the Sea



Mani Peninsula



April 29, 2015


So, here I am, halfway up “The Rock,” looking out over the Gulf of Epidaurus.  The alternate nickname for this fast fortress is “The Gibraltar of Greece.”

Founded in 583 CE and derived from two Greek words meaning “one entrance,” Monemvasia has been settled, besieged, conquered and re-conquered over the ages by every Mediterranean power.  Now, after we drive across the narrow causeway, the island town is mostly besieged by tourists.

 I climb up through the narrow streets past the souvenir shops, coffee shops and restaurants to find the actual town – homes, churches, flowers, cats … and a sparkling view across the blue blue sea.

Actually, today is quiet.  Just a few tourists, mostly empty shops and restaurants, and thanks to the gods, no monkeys.

Just a lovely moment for me as I travel the Peloponnese from town to town, castle to castle, fortress to fortress. 

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