Khorough - Ninety-Three Percent Mountains


Pop 31,000

Capital - Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region

Republic of Tajikistan

August 22, 2019

Khorugh is surrounded by mountains.

Not just hills mind you.  The Pamir Mountains.  

Mountains so high I must lift my chin and stretch my neck to see the very tops.

The view from my hotel window … mountains.

I huff and puff down the main street that is lined with poplar trees … mountains.

I linger and recover at a lovely park … mountains guard the statues and busts of local dignitaries.

I stumble through the dizzy market … mountains relish the mounds of melons and tomatoes

Khorugh itself is 2200m (7200ft) above sea level. 

I can only guess the height of the mountains towering over the town.

The topography of Tajikistan is 93% mountains.  Almost every city, town and village lies in a valley surrounded by mountains.

Khorugh and I are in the mountains …  surrounded by mountains.

The Pamir Mountains.

Take a breath.

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