Jiayuguan: The Great Wall

Jiayuguan (pop 250,000)

Gansu Province


September 16, 2016


How can I describe the Great Wall of China?  Books have been written.

I recommend The Great Wall: The extraordinary history of China’s wonder of the world by John Man.

For basic information about the reality and the myths, please read the Introduction to the book here.

I have visited the Wall three times.

In 2008 I visited the Bandaling section.

One month later I returned to the Mitianyu section.

Now I am in Jiayuguan and at the “end of the wall.”

The ancient Chinese thought that beyond the gate, except for “barbarians” and the desert, nothing exits.

Shall we climb the wall?

Not today.

Before sundown, let’s visit the Jiayuguan Fort


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