Hormuz Island

Hormuz Island

(Pop. 5771)

Persian Gulf

Hormuzgan Province


May 17, 2022

When researching Iran and planning my trip, I knew I had to visit Hormuz Island.

Hormuz is known as the Red Island.   Also, the Rainbow Island.

I am not disappointed.  I am so pleased to be here.

The multi-colored landscape is wonderful.

Hormuz is Red because of the ferrous oxide in the soil.  The rock and the soil are used for industrial purposes.  The fine sand is also used by the natives as a flavoring for their food.

There’s a mangrove forest here.  It grows under the surface of the sea!

I learn that the Portuguese built forts in the Gulf and occupied the area for more than one hundred years.  Now we visit another example of a crumbled empire.

I watch a fisherman repair his nets using his fingers and toes.

Finally, we visit the Association of Women Painters.  The shop is part of the Museum of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian, also known as The Paradise Art Center.

Though Hormuz Island is one of the most beautiful places in the world, many people who live here have no work and their incomes are low.  The Paradise Art center has become a center where women are trained to learn drawing and painting.

 Women are taught to use locally available materials in their painting: colored earth, stones, rocks, sand, jewel-like minerals, and discarded remnants of cloth. 

Visitors are invited to buy paintings made by women of Hormuz Island to help their art and economy flourish.

So I bought a painting.

We sailed by passenger ferry from Qeshm Island across the strait to Hormuz Island.   At the suggestion of our local guide, we returned to Qeshm by motorboat.  I admit I was a bit hesitant.  But my travel companions are adventurous, so I agreed.

Great decision.

During that one-hour sunny and breezy ride across the smooth waters of the Strait of Hormuz, I made a promise to myself, “Jan, you must live by the sea.”

I kept that promise the moment I returned to Thailand.

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Great Decision!


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