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March 25, 2024


My friend Mark called me from London last week.  He regrets he will not be coming to Thailand in April.  Instead, he has accepted a lengthy assignment as a Production Manager in Tallinn, Estonia.   He and a local crew will be shooting exteriors for an upcoming British television series. 

Mark’s announcement prompted me to recall my own visit to Tallinn, and my extended trip to the Baltics: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. 

Mark has never been to Estonia or Latvia.  I mentioned to him that Tallinn is a lovely and historic capital city.  He will encounter friendly folks and hearty meals.  Plus striking castles and dreamy towns to visit.

On a weekend, a short ferry ride will take him to Helsinki.

After the shoot in Estonia, I urge Mark to visit Latvia and especially, Riga, one of my favorite capital cities in Europe, maybe my most favorite.  The outstanding Art Nouveau architecture and decorative sculpture makes the trip there extraordinary.

In recognition of Mark's upcoming business trip to Estonia and the ten-year anniversary of my own journey to The Baltics, I have placed a new slideshow on the home page of my website: twelve photographs from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Each photo in the slideshow can connect to its corresponding Travel Letter and Photo Galleries.  If you like, click on a photo to read the letter and see all the photos.

If you have not yet been to The Baltic countries, I encourage you to visit these sometimes-overlooked destinations in Europe.  I guarantee you will be delighted.  
And you will wonder. “Why haven’t I been here before?”