Gjógv, Faroe Islands Friends: Makiko and Hiroshi



Faroe Islands,

July 24, 2015

Makiko and Hiroshi are excellent travel companions.  We meet by accident somewhere on the island of Eysturoy and since I am driving and they are taking the bus from place to place, they eagerly accept my invitation to travel together.

We decide that the town of Gjógv would be our intermediate destination.  The small town sits at the northerly tip of the island.  The map shows that there is a restaurant there.

Once again the scenery is spectacular.

Our lunch at the Gjaargardfur Guesthouse is quite delicious and hearty.   I choose the hot carrot soup and a platter of local specialties.

And as we travel, we talk.   Makiko and Hiroshi have been together for many years.   Hiroshi seems to be semi-retired.  Makiko is a banker in Europe.  They have no children and have lived in many places, including New York City.  We compare notes!  Most of all, Makiko and Hiroshi are delightful, funny and energetic. 

And by the way, Makiko is an excellent navigator.  If it hadn’t been for her sharp eye, heaven knows where we’d be this evening!

Safely back in Torshavn, we meet for dinner at the local Irish Pub! There are about a zillion choices of beer.   Draft and bottle, light and dark, and every shade in between.

But, can you believe that in this remote island nation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the pub is out of fish?!  So it’s hamburgers and chips all around!