Gansu Province: On the Road

On the Road

Gansu Province


September 4, 2016


Here's the thing I love about Independent Travel:

When I’m On the Road, I’m on the Road.  I never know what I'll find.

Early today, it's a Livestock Market.  Herders transport their cows or sheep or goats for sale or trade.  Others come on a motorbike and buy a chicken for dinner.

Later today, I find two Minority Villages somewhere in the remote hills of Gansu Province. 

I am quickly reminded that most little boys are rambunctious everywhere and most little girls are shy.  And here in a simple agricultural village, the adults are universally welcoming and hospitable. 

In one tiny community, the men prepare a special tea for their unexpected yet honored guests.

On the Road, I never know what I will find, or what I will eat or drink, or who I will meet.

That’s what I call my Joy of Travel.



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