The Folks of Dushanbe

Bookends: Summerfest and Book Fair 


Republic of Tajikistan

September 4, 2019


On my first day in Dushanbe, Nigora, my Tajik friend, invited me to join her to celebrate Summerfest.

On my last day in Dushanbe, Sudat, a Kurdish man, a fellow guest at my hotel, invited me to accompany him to the Annual International Book Exhibition at the National Library.

These two events served as delightful “bookends” to my viisit to Dushanbe and to my surprisingly splendid journey in Tajikistan.

Dushanbe and the events were pleasant enough.  My friend Nigora was an excellent guide.

The “delightful” part was (and always will be) my encounters with the local women and men, boys and girls, young and old who welcome me into their midst with warmth and generosity.

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