Federal Iraq


Nineveh Governorate.

Republic of Iraq

March 19, 2022


My journey in Iraq is a daily calendar of Highlights:  Dramatic ancient sites, abundant flavorful food, and the best of all: a population of welcoming, helpful, dependable men and women along with swarming, energetic children.  Everyone is pleased to meet an American.

Unfortunately, today, in the old city of Mosul, I find the heartbreaking skeletal, charred remains of the recent ISIS - Iraqi Army battle.

And yet, within meters of the devastation, the men and women at the food and fish market go about their lives with a tinge of sadness of course, but with a welcoming embrace that reminds me of the Highlights of my Travels throughout the Middle East.

Please click the photo above for Highlights of Baghdad and Highlights of Iraq.  Video below.


PS  Highlights of Kurdistan coming soon.

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