Faroe Islands: Unique


Faroe Islands 

July 25, 2015

Dear Friends,

Please forgive me.   I just can’t help myself.

It seems like I am stopping my car every five minutes to take photos and more photos.

How can I resist?

The scenery here is … well, let’s just say … unique.

On the island of Streymoy, I drive north from Torshavn (pop 12,700) to Kollafjørður (pop 793) to Hósvík (pop 281) to Hvalvík (pop 400).


We can all be forgiven for not knowing where on earth we are!  Until I read my Denmark guidebook, I hadn’t a clue about this place.

An independent province of Denmark, the Faroe Islands (pop 49, 700) is an archipelago between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Norway and Iceland and north of Scotland.

Here’s a clue on the location:

The roadmap is printed by a company with a website:  www.62n.fo

The Faroe Islands are a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Here is a world of wild and untouched nature, hospitality, Faroese cuisine, ancient Faroese ballads and the pure ocean around us.

So here I am on Streymoy, the largest island of this chain of ancient volcanoes.

And yes, for sure…









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