En route - À la table



June 16, 2018

I decide to rent a car for a few days and drive from L’viv to Uzhhorod and back.

Along the way I visit several villages and rural churches.

The mountain scenery is quite lovely.

On the way back to L’viv I stop for lunch.  I order soup and salad and potato pancakes.

In fact, throughout my trip in Ukraine I feast on food from “the Old Country”

– food my maternal grandmother prepared and served: Borscht with potato and sour cream, Herring, Dumplings, Blintzes filled with cottage cheese, and Potato pancakes.

In three weeks I gained two kilos! 

The rich Ukrainian chocolate didn’t help either.  How could I resist?  My favorite is dark chocolate with hazel nuts.

Probably closer to three kilos. 

My Grandmother would be quite happy.

As Winston Churchill once said, "One needs to please his body so that the soul is not tired living in it."



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