Dalmatian Coast: Zadar


(pop 78,200)


Republic of Croatia

May 28, 2015


Zadar attracts a vibrant mixture of local residents and international tourists. 

No cruise ship passengers here.  Just a lively assemblage of individual travelers, local teenagers, and moms and dads out with the kids on an ordinary yet sparkling Thursday afternoon. 

In the bright afternoon sun, everyone enjoys the sights and sounds of this historic city by the sea:

Roman architecture.  Medieval churches.  Hapsburg elegance.  Safe harbor and port of call for a picket fence of sailboats and a yacht or two tied to the pier.

An inviting Old Town filled with cosmopolitan outdoor cafes and Technicolor-modern art ice cream shops.  Seems like everyone strolls around licking a cone.

An enticing sea front with two unique attractions:  the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation.

The sea front is more than enticing.  It’s mesmerizing.  On this late spring afternoon, ice cream cone or camera in hand, all who come here find a seat on a bench or on the sea wall and wait patiently for the sun to set in the far horizon of the Adriatic Sea.

Everyone was attracted to Zadar: Illyrians, Romans, Slavs, Croats, Hungarians, Venetians, Turks, Austrians, French, Italians, Germans.  Allied bombs took their toll.

With its narrow cobbled streets, the rebuilt and cheerful city of Zadar is a delight!   For the eyes.  For the ears.  For the tongue.

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