Dalmatian Coast: Split



May 30 2015


I adopt three distinct strategies to avoid the teeming hordes streaming through the streets of the Old City of Split.

The first strategy is to avoid them altogether by wandering towards the port and then up the cobbled streets and stairways to the hills above the city.   Great scenery…well worth the climb....

The second strategy is to arise just after dawn and stroll alone through the narrow passageways of the city.  Just me and a few stray cats are up and about.  Lovely churches and palaces…well worth the early hour.

The third strategy is to buy a ticket for the ferry and leave a day early for the island of Hvar. 

I asked for and received a refund from the hotel manager.   Even in the Old City, opposite the Cathedral, the bars and discos are blasting until after 2am.



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