Camels: A "Curious" Encounter

The Steppe

Southern Kazakhstan

October 12, 2018


Here's a "Pop Quiz."

A camel with one hump is known as a Dromedary camel.  (Camelus dromedarius found in Africa, Arabia and South Asia)

What is the correct name for the camel with two humps? (Found on the Steppe of Central Asia)

Prize for the first correct answer: 

One liter of verblyuzh'ye moloko. 



Video URL: 


Wikipedia tells us that a two humped camel is called the Bactrian Camel. The name comes from the ancient historical region of Bactria.

Good that you did a search.... But no credit for Google.

Bactrian camel Even though Stan Menashes (we were an ‘item’ at PS 53 I learned at our 50th Teunion) beat me, I thought I would still enter the ‘contest’.

Correct answer. I assume you like camel milk? That is the prize.

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