Baoji: The People's Park


Prefecture Population 3,760,000

City Population 800,000

Shaanxi Province

Peoples Republic of China

August 31, 2016


With mountain ranges to the north and the south, Baoji lies in the strategic corridor and is the gateway to the eastern cities of Shanghai and Beijing and to the Far West of China.

Baoji traces its roots back to 2000 BCE.  

The ancient, now modern city of Baoji is just a short 177 km (110 miles) from the ancient capital of Xi’an and, heading west, an appropriate first stop along the Ancient Silk Road.

Museums display ancient bronze sculpture; even older trace roads abound in the vicinity.

I choose to visit the modern Baoji People’s Park and the thoroughly delicious modern buffet restaurant.  (Select two freshly cooked items for your dinner plate and add stuffed breads and desserts.)  I returned for a second night’s dinner.


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