Ancient Underwater Volcano? Karyn-Ustyurt, Mangystau

Southeast of Aktau

Mangystau Region


October 16, 2018


What a day!  What a beginning for my journey in Mangystau!

My driver Vladimir picks me up at my hotel and off we go, out of town.  We detour for a bit of shopping at the “last stop” before the desert.

Always the desert!

But what a desert!

The Karagiye Depression reaching 132m (433 ft) below sea level at its deepest point is the lowest place in Central Asia and the fifth lowest place in the world.  It occupies a large area, with a length of 40km (25 mi).

We wander along the rim.

Then onward through the desert, mountains in the distance.

We make camp above the enormous salt-encrusted valley that Vladimir affectionately calls the “Valley of the Three Brothers.”

The official name is Karyn-Ustyurt chink of the Karyn-Zhark hollow.

Have a look!



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Jan, I am REALLY impressed! Good for you! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Elaine

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