Chanukah 2007: "A Miracle"


8 December 2007


Happy Chanukah.

My menorah and candles were a big hit  in Nang Rong, Buriram,  a small town in the farming area called Isan.

The first night I lit the candles with my new friend Daniel Benowitz, who is here from Boston. My other friends from around the world were happy to hear about the miracles and the story of The Maccabees.

My Scottish friend Ian insisted that he light the candles the second night. It seems the story of Chanukah is inspirational for everyone.

On the third night, Wilfred from Austria, and Samuel from Slovenia, and Jiri from The Czech Republic, and Mark from England, and Mike from New Jersey, and Chai from Thailand were all arguing over who can light the candles next. Finally, they were all gracious and agreed that Ian's Thai wife, Daow, should have the honor.

Since we were sitting outdoors, the tiny candles were at the mercy of a strong breeze. To block the wind, we built a circular wall of empty Leo Brand beer cans around the menorah and, by some miracle, the candles never blew out!

I hope your celebration is cheerful and warm and breezy.


PS I looked everywhere for a top, but no luck. So Spin the Dreydl will have to wait 'til next year.