Bangkok: "Built for Comfort. Built for Speed. Always on Time"

The Emporium
Sukhumvit Road
Bangkok, Thailand
June 30, 2009

Dear Speed Lovers,

I am taking a break from writing my travel letters to visit The Emporium – a high-end shopping mall: Chanel, Hermes, Ungarao, etc, etc, etc.

The Emporium is sponsoring an exhibition of high-end automobiles, built for speed, and I daresay, comfort.

Next to each outrageous auto, an equally outrageous wrist watch is on display: Breitling and Bentley, and Blancpain and Porsche, etc.

The price for each timepiece is about what I would expect to pay for a decent car! The prices for the ultimate motor cars are not listed. What a surprise!

I have my eye on an electric blue Jag. And I about drooled over the open top Spyker.

But I am thinking, "Who needs to cruise in the big city?" On the highways and the byways of the Bayou, Boca, or Brentwood maybe. But not in Bangkok.

Hope you're having a "speedy" and "on-time" day.

Jan…. Still winding. Still walkin'


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