Karanambu Lodge

Karanambu Lodge

North Rupununi District

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I spent two days relaxing at the Karanambu Lodge.

How better to relax then a morning ride across the savannah in search of the Giant Anteater and an afternoon river cruise in search of the Giant River Otter?

Here is the description of Karanambu from my Wilderness Explorers itinerary:

Karanambu, a 110-square mile former cattle ranch, was the home of the late Diane McTurk, conservationist and a world-renowned expert on giant otters. Karanambu is located in the North Rupununi, a region of south-western Guyana known for its expansive wetlands and savannah, as well as its biological and cultural diversity.

Surama and Rock View

Surama Eco-Lodge


South Pakaraima District

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January 25, 2018

My Scandinavian friend Oscar is a Certified Bushmaster. 

As a young soldier, Oscar served two tours in Afghanistan.  He still serves in the military and yet decided to test his skills in Jungle Survival here in Guyana with Bushmasters, a “survival” tour operator based in England.

There are two phases to the “Jungle Survival Experience” – Training and then Isolation.

Iwokrama River Lodge

Iwokrama River Lodge

Kurupukaro Crossing

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January 25, 2018


Hello from the Tropical Rainforest,

I consulted with Wilderness Explorers and together we devised my itinerary in Guyana.

From Georgetown I flew to the Fair View Airstrip and arrived at the Iwokrama River Lodge.

Here is the itinerary as described by Wilderness Explorers:


Pickup and transfer to Eugene F. Correia International Airport.

Board scheduled flight for journey over hundreds of miles of tropical rainforest to land at Fair View Airstrip.  

Pick up from Fair View Airstrip and transfer to Iwokrama River Lodge.

The Iwokrama Rainforest is a vast wilderness of one million acres (404,690 hectares). This protected area was established in 1996 as the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development. The Iwokrama Forest is in the heart of one of four last untouched tropical forests of the world - The Guiana Shield of North-Eastern South America.

Stabroek Market, Georgetown, Guyana:

Georgetown (pop 235,000)

Co-operative Republic of Guyana (pop 773,000)


January 20, 2018


“Let’s take a photo with the white guy!”

Just outside the Stabroek Market, a group of taxi drivers are curious about me.   I approach them with my usual big smile, and one of them hollers, “Hey, let’s take a photo with the white guy.”  We all have a good laugh as we pose together.

The guidebooks caution against visiting the large and complex Stabroek Market.  Dodgy characters, beggars, pickpockets, unpleasant sights and treacherous walkways, etc.  White guys are a rarity.  Naturally it is my first stop.  Is there a market anywhere in the world sans dodgy characters?

Special Advisor




April 1, 2018

Hot, Humid and Hazy

Chance of Rain 

My Dear Family and Friends, 

You can’t make this stuff up….

Except I already did …. 

In 2007, I wrote an “essay” called “An Arrogant Proposal” published on my website.

Here’s “An Arrogant Proposal” reprinted:



May 15, 2007

Dear Business Editor:

As an owner of equities of several international airlines companies, I read with glee your recent reports describing the airlines' new policy for raising revenue.

Isn't it obvious that the fuel surcharge be raised? And ticket prices too. Business is business. To hell with those "supposed" low cost carriers. Eventually most of them drop out anyway.

I agree, if a passenger wants to eat, then let him pay for his food. The ticket is for a seat, and only a seat.