To the Empty Quarter - Ayn Sahalnoot

The Empty Quarter


Hello from the Arabian Desert,

En route to the Empty Quarter and the Desert Camp, my guide Mohammed makes three unscheduled stops.

Ayn Sahalnoot is a delightful spot – a spring and a perfect place for a picnic and a swim in the pools and streams in a lush valley beneath the desert floor.   Cedar and fig trees!

The Camel Race Track is closed.   But I do have a chance to get acquainted with several of the “thoroughbreds.”

 In the past, young boys raced atop the camels down the track.  As you can imagine, this was quite dangerous.  The boys have been replaced by radio receivers and loudspeakers.   The remote “jockey” transmits verbal commands to the racing steeds.  (See youtube video below.   Hear the emotional call of the race and the exciting stretch finish!)

Finally, we arrive at a desert town at feeding time.  There are about one hundred camels whose demeanor is both calm and curious.  One “couple” volunteers to kiss-kiss for the camera.

On the way to the tent in the desert.  Will I need my wool sweater at night?


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