Portugal Evora

Evora: My Lucky Day



May 20, 2013

                                 My Lucky Day

 ... So after an unusual breakfast (you can squeeze your own fresh orange juice), I leave my freezing cold hotel room. (Last week it was quite warm but now the temperature has dropped and the hotel already adjusted the HVAC system for summer so there’s no heat from the damned vents.).

I dodge morning traffic across a busy avenue and walk through the stone gate in the protective medieval walls into the old section of town.  I stroll down a main road, and then, as is my custom, to a colorful side street (flower pots and laundry) Then, impulsively, I turn down a side street off the side street (maybe I’ll get lost, but who cares?) always trying to keep my sense of direction so I will arrive at the Praça do Giraldo, the cathedral and the Roman ruins on the hilltop up there, somewhere.

But then, hold the phone … stand by …wait just a minute … I stop dead in my tracks!