Tham Dao Khao Kaeo Cave Temple

Tham Dao Khao Kaeo

Tambon Phaya Klang

Muak Lek District

Saraburi Province


November 15, 2021

The Tham Dao Khao Kaeo Cave Temple is 75 kilometers from Saraburi town or 122 kilometers from Nakhon Ratchasima city.

This cave is located up 100 meters of stairs from the foot of a hill, Khao Kaeo.

When rays of sun fall upon the cave, the walls sparkle red, black, and brown, like stars, or Dao, giving it part of its moniker.  

Loi Krathong and Wat Phra Yai

Jomtien Beach

Chonburi Province


October 31, 2020

Jenjira and I celebrate Loi Krathong festival with our friends Dan and Anna. 

We float our kratongs in the sea, enjoy the festivities and continue our colorful evening at an all-you-can-eat cook-it-yourself fish and seafood buffet.

A few days later, Jenjira and I climb the steep dragon-protected steps to visit and pay our respects at the Wat Phra Yai complex, also known in Pattaya as The Big Buddha.  The seated Buddha rises over us at eighteen meters or fifty-nine feet.

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The Western Desert of Egypt - Travel Talk

Jomtien Beach


November 11, 2022

Sunny and Warm


This past Monday I was a speaker at the Bangkok International Travelers Meetup.  I chose to speak about my February 2020 journey through the Western Desert of Egypt. 

At the meetup I spoke for about an hour and shared many photos and several videos.

Today I have posted a small selection of about thirty of my favorite images and videos.

At Home at Gezira El Bairat

Gezira El Bairat, Al Ramla 

Luxor, Egypt

March 9, 2020


Here in the town of Gezira El Bairat, on the west bank of the Nile, the modest El Masala Hotel provides a simple and comfortable guest room with a balcony overlooking the Nile.  The staff is friendly and accommodating.  Breakfast is served at the open-air rooftop restaurant with a sweeping view of the river and the river traffic. 

Kareem, the owner of the hotel, is determined that my week’s stay in Luxor will be both active and restful.   He drives me around town.   He helps me to book drivers for my tours.   Kareem invites me to his home for lunch where I meet his wife and children.

The Temple at Edfu


Aswan Governorate


March 2, 2020


Halfway betweem Luxor and Aswan, on the west bank of the Nile, lies the Temple of Edfu.  The temple is dedicated to the falcon-headed god Horus and his wife, the goddess Hathor.

Here is the story of Horus:

Horus, the falcon-headed god, is a familiar ancient Egyptian god. He has become one of the most used symbols of Egypt, seen on Egyptian airplanes, and on hotels and restaurants throughout the land.

Horus is the sone of Osiris and Isis, the divine child of the holy family triad.  He is one of the many gods associated with the falcon.  His name mans "he who is above" and "he who is distant."