Sapporo: Snow Festival and a "Nice Shot"




February 8, 2014

Snow, Cold 

My dear friends with a camera, 

At first, the Japanese I observe seem distant and cool, focused and serious.  I doubt whether I will have any success shooting people. 

As I walk toward the Sapporo Snow Festival, two young girls cross my path.  Undaunted, I raise my camera and propose “photo?”  The girls respond with an eager smile.  They pose and pose and continue to pose with creative feminine energy.  

I present my work. Cheerfully, they respond, in choral unison, “Nice shot!”    

And so it goes.  Here at the chilly (frigid) Snow Festival, I receive a warm reception.  I take many “nice shots” - little kids, big kids and their parents. 

The sculptures are impressive, but the smiles are my favorite subjects.  The warmth threatens the snow. 

So my friends, if you carry a camera, stow a smile in your case.  The dour and the sour are only a first impression, and usually just a veneer that quickly melts away. 

Fear not.  Ask.  With a smile.  You’ll get a “nice shot.” 



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