Retirement at Punta del Este

Punta del Este


May 6, 2012

Dear Friends,

"Jan, I thought you were so courageous to retire to Bangkok."  I have heard this comment many times, most recently from my brother-in-law Stephen Wiesenfeld.  

I respond that the decision regarding my retirement location was not made impulsively.  I think of it as a "process."  I traveled to Southeast Asia several times.  I feel comfortable and safe and "at home" in Bangkok.  It was an easy decision. 

"Retirement" came up in conversation with my cousins Diana and Guillermo.  The location of their future retirement is also an easy decision: "Punta delEste."  And who can question their choice? 

In the early morning, during the day, and in the evening, the view from their lovely apartment is relaxing and picturesque.  Shopping is first class.  Activities are plentiful.  The beach is inviting.  And during "the season" I suppose it's fun, even a bit glamorous to mingle with "the beautiful people" as they disembark from their ocean-going yachts. 

BTW, high up on a bluff overlooking the South Atlantic sea, CaboBallena (Whale Cape) ain't too shabby either.  And the Casa Pueblo house-hotel-restaurant-museum is a unique sight.  

Happy Retirement,


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