Malacca: The Wedding Buffet




January 11, 2013 

Dear Family and Friends,

The Wedding Buffet!  What a spread! 

At about 6pm, the caterers arrived. Much of the food had already been prepared.  But they set up a stove with a wok and cooked up some dumplings.  They also set up a small barbeque and grilled lovely sticks of chicken satay.  The peanut sauce was thick and just a bit spicy.  Outstanding!   

There was something for everyone.  One table had an assortment of attractive vegetarian items that I sampled as my “appetizer.”  The main course included sautéed chicken, prawns, batter-dipped fish, and roast duck in plum sauce.  

I lost count of my trips to the buffet table.  I even had another plate of the veggies.  The food was so delicious that one little girl insisted on a second helping of broccoli! 

The event took place at the home of the Bride.  The atmosphere was enthusiastic and casual.   My friend Jeannie (“Mommy”) and her daughter, my friend Felicia greeted everyone as they arrived:  close family, cousins and their families, colleagues, temple friends, classmates and lots of little kids.  Some folks arrived early and left early.   Some arrived later and some arrived late.  

By Chinese custom, the Groom did not see his Bride this evening. 

By American custom, I left late.  Quite exhausted and quite stuffed.

Great party!   I was so lucky to be invited. 

Is there a "diet" in my future?

















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